News Journal Week 4 (9th-15th Feb)

Radio is another form of media which is very popular around the world. This is a podcast from GAAScores, who talk about every talking point in the GAA world over the past week or so. This is the first podcast of the new series and mainly focuses on Ulster GAA news with the lads from Gaelic life joining Conor.

There is no visual aspect to radio, it is just a form of audial media. It is therefore impossible to red body language like it is with TV, so it can sometimes be difficult to read emotions and whether someone is being, for  example sarcastic or not.

Radio is very easy to listen too however, and this podcast is a prime example of this. When it is a free flowing and as interesting a this one is, radio is a hard form of media to challenge. By having the host and guests they bounce opinions of the particular issues, and we aren’t just getting one opinion.

Radio is particularly handy as it can be listened too anywhere, while you are jogging, driving etc. Podcasts, like this one can be downloaded and then listened to whenever. Anyone can create a podcast and is it a good idea for people to do this if they have an interest in an area, like Conor from GAAScores.

Although this a ulster centred podcast, it is interesting for any GAA fan. We wouldn’t get o hear or read from these guys regularly and this is why podcasts and radio shows are so valuable in my opinion. These guys are a lot more knowledgeable then a lot of more high profile journalist/broadcasters.


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